Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Heck, You Say!

I'm heading to Hogwarts. An owl dropped off a letter for me a bit ago. Apparently this is a school for future witches and wizards to be educated. Beyond odd.

Once the letter arrived, mom and dad started talking to each other about me, magic, school, and everything, just like I wasn't even there! Dad was totally whigging out because mom was saying something about how "witch and wizard blood shows up every now and then in our family, and how was I supposed to know she had it before now," and other stuff like that.

I have wondered why my parents would let my weird old Great-Great-Aunt Dalleigha give me such a stupid name. Laeita Khandylle Haxloeffyn-Bharnoell. Yeah. Say that out loud. Kind of sounds like "light a candle, hex lovin barn owl," doesn't it? I guess that mom asked her to name me when I was born. The last name? Uh huh. Dad wasn't shy about being loud tonight when he told me that he'd changed his last name to mom's when they were married. How about that?!

It's hard to believe that I'm going to be a witch. Well, I already am one, according to mom. I'm just going to learn how to do it well at Hogwarts. I've always done and seen weird things, but I never thought I really was magical or anything. I think I convinced myself that most of it was all my imagination anyway. Now she says it's all real.

Dad is outside smoking! He hasn't smoked since I was six-years-old. He did go out earlier to get our dinner. I guess he bought cigarettes then. I didn't think he'd get so upset about this. I'm the one who's going away.

The school is over in England somewhere. Could an owl really fly from England to us here in New York, USA? I don't want to leave here now. All my friends are here. My whole life is here! Omigod, I'm going to panic now.

I keep trying to hear what mom and dad are talking about. He's back from his ciggie now. He was loud enough earlier, but now they're speaking quietly. I can hear some of it. It seems that he's more upset that mom didn't share her entire heritage with him than that I'm going to be going to school across the ocean. Hell-ooo! I'm the one who's going through the major life disruption here. How come no one wants to talk to me or see how I'm doing. I'm just their kid. Geez!

Now he's telling mom that there have always been "odd" people in his family too. Mom started to tell him that odd isn't the same as magic, but he cut her off and started to say something but I couldn't hear. Now no one's talking.

I'll report back later...