Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What I Sent To Henrietta Sweeting

It seems that my friend, Henrietta, has been unable to post a photo of the items I mailed to her in her kit. So, I'm posting a photo I took of the kit before I sent it.


I sent a Gator scarf I knit, a Japanese Feathers hat I knit, a custom made Hufflepuff color row counter bracelet, a gold and white row counter pendant, a blue and clear Swarovski beaded row counter to clip to a bag or project, Hufflepuff colors stitch markers, a nest of dragon eggs I knit, a mini Hufflepuff Quidditch sock, Hufflepuff House Crest iron-on badges, Socks That Rock in Tiger Eye (as she requested), Knit Picks metal dpns size 2.25mm, and the Tangled Faeries sock pattern.

I also sent some cool Hogwarts and Quidditch stickers in a separate mailing. I drew a cute owl on the envelope that I wish I'd taken a photo of.

I plan to send a little surprise or two yet before the term ends.


Agatha Vablatsky said...

That looks like a great package! Very well done!

I have never heard of a row counter bracelet before but I am totally going to get one now! The little row counters that slide on your needle are more irritating to me than functional. I usually mark my rows on notecards (and typically lose the cards mid-project) :)

Agatha V.

Ophelia Ballycastle said...

Oh I want a row counting pendant and one of those clip on row counters I love beaded row counting braclets and now tere are all these other types of pretty knitting tools! I love it! You did a great job.

Emma Wigworthy said...

Fantastic kit!! I love the sound of the Swaroski row counter thingy. Personally I always love handmade items - they never fail to make me feel special. The dragon eggs and gator scarf are lots of fun too. And iron-on transfers? I must have one!!!