Saturday, July 5, 2008

Walking On Air

Well, not literally walking on air. I've finally gotten over the doldrums. A few walks with a hot Ravenclaw guy with god-like good looks will do that.

His name is Kevin Walker, and he's supercalihot! He's from the States too, and his parents were both muggles. He was feeling just like I was a few weeks ago.

I ran into him by the lake shore one evening just after dinner. I'd been walking to the bench in the little park-like area on the eastern side of the lake - perfect for watching sunsets - and I saw that my seat was already taken.

At first I was irritated that I wouldn't be able to sit alone with my thoughts as the sun set, but then I was curious. Who is this lovely boi sitting in my spot?

So we started talking. Apparently we were both suffering from magic overload and homesickness. He's only twelve, but he looks older. He's from Jamestown, VA. He has light brown hair, gorgeous velvety chocolate-brown eyes with the thickest, blackest lashes I've ever seen on a guy. I was actually jealous! He has a bit of a tan, thin and strong (he's a swimmer), elegant hands with perfectly oval nails at the end of his long fingers (perfect for piano playing - no fair!). His laugh is hearty and warm, and his eyes sparkle when he's happy.

That first evening, though, I didn't see the sparkle or hear the laughter. We didn't really speak a whole lot at all. We introduced ourselves, he made room on the bench, and I sat down. The conversation started very slowly. I asked him why he was staring so forlornly at the water. He answered that everything was too different here, just too much in every way, you know. I said I felt the same and that was why I came to the lake. I just needed to get away from it all and think.

That's how our relationship began. I've seen Kevin almost everyday. He's in two of my classes, and I have no clue how he escaped my notice before! We do our homework together, and our friends have all become friends, so we're like this great big group now. Too cool!

It's soooo hard though when he has to go to swim lessons and I go to Quidditch practice without him. He's not on his House's Quidditch team. I hate it whenever we have to say goodbye. I think I might be falling in love.

I mentioned him to my mom in a letter, and she wrote back that I should be careful not to get my feelings hurt. She said something really stupid about "puppy love," and I had to bite down really hard to keep from screaming. What the heck is "puppy love" supposed to be anyway? Isn't love love? She just doesn't get it.

I'm meeting Kevin in twenty minutes at our bench by the lake. I want to look perfect, so I'll have to write more later.


Erika said...

mmm...he sounds steamy...I've put your package into the mail, hopefully you'll have it by Friday!


CentyB said...

Kevin sounds great! What's the latest?!